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Unearthing Promising Individuals

Trust only National Market Search when it comes to recruiting the best possible sales professionals that fit your company's criteria. Our recruitment firm in Dayton, Ohio, performs background checks and meticulous screening using modern techniques for evaluation.

Sales-Focused Search

Businesses and companies who would hire us can expect us to look for sales professionals with the right set of skills and competencies. We work with companies in the sales industry like business-to-business, pharmaceutical, and medical fields.

Application Process

Each applicant must go through an interview with the President of your company. We perform background checks and thorough evaluation so we can single out those that fit the job description that you provided. There are three different employment levels in our hiring process, including entry level, sales management personnel, team leaders, and senior account managers with five to seven years of sales experience. Some of the information we require from each company looking to hire includes:

Company Name | Hiring Manager | Position | Description | Requirements | Deadline for When the Position Needs to Be Filled

Finding the Right Candidate

Seeking a qualified candidate to any position takes time and painstaking assessment on each applicant. We go through all the details to find top-tier individuals that are then forwarded to you for your consideration. We only charge for every person you hire through us. Our service is at your disposal until you find what you are looking for.